Supply chain improvement and savings

Client : Meat trader  . Part of meat processing and trading multinational with 10.000+ employees 18+ billion turnover  . Improvement of flexibility and shorter order lead times for export to Germany and UK. Achieved saving on transports costs 3%-8%. Still running.

Client : Dutch high-end chicken meat processing company exporting within Europe. 100 million+ turnover .350 employees Case : Organizing transport to France for new contract  and finding lower cost solutions for existing lanes to Italy and UK.

Client : Dutch meat meat import/export company 50 million+ turnover . 100 + employees.  Case : Organizing and managing transport to Spain.

Client : Belgian frozen chips producer . 100 million+ turnover .200 employees. Case : Winning tender 2 years contract for transport to France as exclusive agent on behalf of Spanish transport company.

Client : Dutch meat import/export company , 350 + million turnover  200+ employees. Case : Cost improvement and management of transport to UK and on Spain.

Client : UK based beverages and dairy products importer. 10 million+ turnover 15+ employees. Case : Managing transport from Spain as exclusive agent on behalf of Spanish transport company.


Client : Dutch seed-potatoes grower and trader. Case : Business development  export Dutch seed potatoes.   First orders  shipped to  Egypt in 2016 . Preparing for new season 2107 .